Advantages of An Outdoor Pergola

A pergola is a simple structure that consists of four masonry columns with a roofing grid or lattice of beams and rafters, which may be left open or covered. A pergola is one of the easiest and most eye-catching garden features you can add to your backyard. The sides of a pergola are without walls and the structure can be elevated and built on the first floor of the home.

Pergolas are striking in appearance and their minimalist design is aesthetically pleasing. These structures are usually quite spacious and the space underneath the pergola can lend itself to a variety of uses. If you add a curtain to it, the pergola transforms into a more private area. Or you can install a hot tub or some sectional furniture in it to create a place to relax in.

Although similar to arbors in that they are both outdoor features that are associated with gardens, the pergola is still very distinct from an arbor. Arbors are simple structures that lack the architectural details of a pergola. They are typically smaller than a pergola and often include curved arches on top of them. And unlike the pergola, they are not attached to the house.

A pergola is also not a gazebo or a carport. Pergolas have open roofs which may also be covered. But gazebos are always sheltered. Gazebos usually have raised floors and may be rounded in shape. But pergolas are always rectangular. Of course, pergolas are also different from carports, since the latter is solely designed to serve as a makeshift garage.

What are the benefits of adding this simple but elegant garden feature to your yard?

1. It extends your living space

A pergola allows you to take your living space outdoors by giving you an outside space where you can do many of your indoor activities while being sheltered from the sun. A pergola that is correctly oriented to the sun’s movements can cast enough light shade to let you enjoy the outdoors during a warm afternoon. You may also add a retractable shade to the structure.

2. Maximize your backyard and define the space
Pergolas are highly versatile; with a few extra bits of furniture, you can make the area into a place for doing a lot of different things. Although you can also do the same with a patio or deck, the pergola has the distinct advantage of being a free-standing structure. You can build it out in the yard, or attach it to the building.

3. Create a lovely space for entertaining

The unique form and structures of a pergola mean that it offers good support for hanging things like speakers, strings of light, fabrics, ceiling fans, and chandeliers. This allows you to easily turn the area into a venue for chilling out and entertaining friends and family. The outdoor ambiance that a pergola introduces to gatherings makes them even more enjoyable.

4. Free-standing design element
The fact that a pergola can be free-standing gives you a lot of flexibility in where to build the structure. Unlike a deck or patio, you are not bound to build it next to your house and you can choose a location in the yard that offers the most advantage. Additionally, being free-standing means that a pergola creates more visual interest as visitors’ eyes are automatically drawn to the structure.

5. Lets you create an outdoor private area
Rather than a structure that is permanently enclosed or an additional privacy fence in your property, pergolas let you have both an open and a private outdoor area. By adding drapes, screens, or latticework to the sides of the pergola, you can shield it from the prying eyes of passersby and neighbors. You may also use it to block parts of your yard from view.

6. Pergolas add charm and space to your garden

You can extend the planting space in your garden by using the structures of the pergola as supports for potted plants. You may also plant vines and climbing plants around the pergola, making the structure into a trellis. This creates a natural wall or ceiling for the pergola; adding more shade and privacy.

7.    Increases the home’s value

Outdoor features naturally make a home more attractive and improve its value, says Bighorn Rentals. Adding a pergola to the backyard is one of the best ways to do this because the structure is minimalist and does not alter the yard radically. Yet, at the same time, its design is so distinct that it is invariably one of the first features to win prospective buyers’ hearts.

8. They are affordable

Despite of all the value that they bring to a property and the lives of its owners, pergolas are highly affordable. Although the cost of installing one will depend on the size of the structure and the materials used, they are usually cheaper than other features you can add to your home’s yard.

There you have it, 8 advantages of having an outdoor pergola.

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