How Much Does a New Deck Cost?

There is a wide range in variables to this question. When building a new deck now days there are so many choices to choose from. With so many choices we understand your frustration with prices. So to make purchasing a deck easier we have given a few examples below. Many options can be added to these, and there will be variables that can change the price, although these are starting points. Here are some examples including price range for a 12 x 16 in those ranges.

$15,000 – $37,000+ Decks

Economical Pressure Treated Decking

This is our lowest price range of decks. This version will includes all pressure treated pine lumber for framework, decking and railing, and will include builder style rail with aluminum black spindles or 2 x 2 pressure treated spindles. The lower the deck the lower the price in this range, the higher off the ground the closer to the top of the price range. These decks will require future maintenance such as staining.

$37,000 – $47,000 + Decks

Entry level composite decking low maintenance

If you want low maintenance and don’t wanna stain your deck this is an option. This is a budget mindful deck. These decks include economy grade entry level composite decking, with all composite, or aluminum railings. The composite decking we use for these come with a 25 year warranty thru the manufacture, and include hidden fasteners. These are more prone to scratches than the higher grade composites. This price range typically is for decks 6 ft high or lower.

$47,000 – $65,000 + Decks

Mid Range Composite and PVC Decks

With these we use better grade composites or PVC, and slightly more unique design looks, with more options. The decking used for these will be scratch resistant and longer warranties. Multi colored accent borders, Railing lighting, and step lighting can be added. For decks over 6 feet off the ground with composites used, your deck will most likely fit in this range.

$65,000 – $90,000 + Decks

Mid to High End Composites and PVC

Wanna love spending time in your Oasis, this price range gives a spacious deck with composite or PVC, and pergola to provide shade. Premium composites or PVC gives unique grain patterns to mimic hardwoods. This option allows add-ons such as benches, lighting, privacy fence walls, and unique designs.

$90,000 and up Decks

Fully Customized Decks

The sky is the limit. For a fully customized deck with pergola or roof, or adding rain diverter underneath the deck, these will have all the bells and whistles, benches, curves, premium railings, including glass, and cable railings. Special features such as fire pits, outdoor kitchens, these look as though they came from Hollywood movie star home.

Starting at $15,000


Custom built pergolas right on site add shade to any space, still let some sun in as well as little shade. These can be customized and can be made of multiple materials

How we determine prices for decks

Size is a huge factor. Layout is another factor. The size, shape, and height will determine the price along with the materials used. The square or rectangle deck is the easiest to build, so these will have a huge cost savings over multi level with lots of stairs, and bump outs, curves, lots of angles will add to the cost. Features can add a couple hundred dollars to couple thousand depending on the features, the simpler the design the smaller the price tag. The overall size will also play a role in the price, the larger the deck, the more materials, and labor to build it. Square footage plays a part but is not the only factor as a 12×12 deck with porch and a 6×24 deck are both a 144 sqft although the porch will require footings, hardware, and many other differences that will raise the price. Stairs are labor intensive requiring more labor which will add more to the cost as well. Taller decks requiring us to work off ladders progress is slowed and takes longer so this will increase the cost. An all pressure treated wood deck will be less than an all composite deck with aluminum hand railings, and LED lighting.

Hopefully this gives an idea and starting point for prices, as always we are here to help with any questions you may have as well as any designs you might wanna put together.